[tlhIngan Hol] The Seas Our Lives Sail..

mayqel qunenoS mihkoun at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 07:23:04 PDT 2016

this is so beautiful..

vIghItlhtaHvIS, tlhoS jISaQ..

bIQ'a'Daq vengbogh Duj'e' rur loD yIn ;
a man's life resembles a ship which travels the ocean ;

boghDI' loD, verghvo' mej Dujvam..
when a man is born, this ship leaves dock..

'ej tugh bIQ'a'Daq lughajlu'bogh vengchoH Dujvetlh.
and soon this ship enters the high seas.

Do' 'op nuv 'ej vengtaHvIS chaH jottaH bIQ'a'.
some people are lucky and while they are travelling, the sea is calm.

jotmo' muD Dotlh, DujchajDaq lop luqaSmoHlaH.
because the weather is calm, on their ship they're able to party.

'a muD Dotlh qabqu' lughomtaH latlh Dujmey.
but other ships continuously encounter the worst weather.

qIptaH yu'eghmey 'ej pIj tlhoS biQ'a' bIngDaq ghIr bIH.
the waves are constantly hitting them and often they almost sink.

'ach vummo' HoDchaj beqchaj je, yu'eghmeyDaq ratlh.
but because their crew and captain work hard, they stay afloat.

tagha', maHeghDI', Dujmaj DIlItHa'.
eventually, when we die, we get off of our ships.

'ej ngugh DujDaj legh Hoch HoD..
and then each captain sees his ship..

Dujchaj rIQ legh yu'eghmey Harghbogh HoDpu''e' ;
the captains who fought the waves see their battered ship ;

'ej tagha' ram luSIQmo' HemchoHchu' !
and because they endured the hardship they are proud !

'ach Duj lam neH luleghlaH lop luyIntaHbogh HoDpu''e'..
but the captains who continuously partied, are only able to sse a dirty ship..

'ej webchoH chaH !
and they are disgraced !

Harghbogh HoDpu' vIvan 'ej chaHvaD QInvam vIghItlhta' !
I hail the captains who fought, and to them I dedicate this post !

mop Hurgh qunnoq

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