[tlhIngan Hol] the Sith and their Significance

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Fri Jun 24 06:33:42 PDT 2016

Qatlh yIn ; wIH yIn ; naS yIn.. net Sovbej.
life is difficult, ruthless and hard ; we all know that.

mataHmeH maHarghtaH, 'ej qaStaHvIS yInmaj tugh vItvam 'IQ wItlhoj :
we're constantly fighting hard to survive, and during our lives soon
we realize this sad truth :

Hubmaj wa'DIch maH 'ej Hubmaj Qav maH je..
we are our first and last line of defense..

maHoS ; wIHar pIj wIneH -wIneHnIS- 'ach Human neH maH.
often we want to believe -we need to believe- that we are strong but
we are just human.

'ej yabmajDaq qaSpa' {maHoS} mu'tlhegh, nuqIpchoH San naQjejmey.
and before we have the chance to say "we are strong", the spears of
fate start hitting us.

rut nureghchoHmoH 'ej pe'vIl nutorchoHmoH yIn qay'wI' 'ugh.
so we start to bleed and the burden of life forces us to our knees.

ngugh - maHvaD -cha' DuH tu'lu' : mabup pagh maHu'.
at that time, there are two choices : quit or rise.

ngeD DuH wa' ; ben law'qu' *efialtes*vaD jatlhpu' *xerxes* :
the first option is easy ; once upon a time Xerxes told Efialtes :

Dujatlh *leonidas* : yIQam ; 'a qajatlh : yItor ! SoHvaD wanI'vam neH vineH..
unlike Leonidas who asked that you stand, i only request that you kneel..

'ej ngugh, DuH cha' tu'lu' je ; Daw' !
and then there is the second option.. revolt !

toH, tagha' qaS lupHomvam - lupHom neH - : bItortaH, Dujoy' yIn, bIbech..
so eventually comes this moment : you're on your knees, you're in
pain, you're suffering..

chaq bIbup DaneH 'ach tIqlIj tebchu' QeH, raSDaq ro'lIj Damup 'ej bIjatlh :
perhaps you want to quit but instead anger overwhelms you, so you
strike your fist on the table and say :

yIngegh'egh ! qIvDu'wIjDaq jIratlhQo' ; not !
go (***) yourself ! I won't stay on my knees ! never !

lupHomvetlh 'oS Sith.. Daw' lupHomvetlh.. tlhabvetlh watlh 'oS Sith.
the Sith represent that moment.. that moment of defiance.. the Sith
represent pure freedom.

mop Hurgh qunnoq

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