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tera'Daq, DeS Hom lupongmeH Qel, mu' humerus lulo'.
at earth, doctors in order to name the bone of the arm, use the word humerus.

'ej mI' {wa'} lulo' (müller AO ghorpu'ghach buv) lulo'bogh ghIv HaqwI''e'.
and the orthopaedic surgeons who employ the müller AO fracture
classification use the number "one".

(Hom mI' wa') tIq law' 'uS DungDaq Hoch HomDu' luSamlu'bogh tIq puS.
the humerus is the longest of the bones of the upper limb.

moQ rur (Hom mI' wa') (volchaH 'er'In) 'ej ro (Hom mI' wa') je muvmeH potlh.
it's proximal end resembles a sphere, and its main significance is
articulating the humerus with the trunk.

(Hom mI' wa') muvwI' Daq wa'DIch lupongmeH, mu' {nach} lu'lo' Qel
in order to identify the proximal articulating area of the humerus,
doctors use the word "head".

'ej lupongmeH mI' {wa'} lulo' ghIv HaqwI''e'.
and the orthopaedic surgeons use the number one.

(Hom mI' wa') nach Sumbogh Daq jeq cha' Daq :
near the humeral head protrude two areas :

jeqwI''a' jeqHom je.
the greater and the lesser tuberosity.

jeqwI''a' jeqHom je jojDaq taw jaQ tu'lu'.
between the tuberosities lies a deep sulcus.

intertubercular groove 'oH tera' pongDaj'e'.
its terran name is intertubercular groove.

tawvamDaq, (Hom mI' wa'maH wa') (ro HurDaq 'oHtaHbogh Hom mI' cha') je
rarbogh Somraw to'waQ tu'lu'.
this groove is occupied by the bicipital tendon.

nach jeqwI'Du' je jojDaq, (Hom mI' wa') Qur mong tu'lu'.
between the head and the tuberosities lies the anatomical neck.

'ej jeqwI'Du' bIngDaq Haq mong tu'lu'.
and below the tuberosities lies the surgical neck.

(to be continued..)

mop Hurgh

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