[tlhIngan Hol] How to force the adverb on a specific target

mayqel qunenoS mihkoun at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 02:30:20 PDT 2016

Yesterday I wrote :

{verenganarvo' naDev pawlaw' (Hat SeHmeH janwIj)}. With the intended
meaning being "but the air conditioner, apparently came here from

However, because while I was writing yesterday I was starving, I didn'
realize that there was a big problem with that sentence.

The greek/english original sentence, wishes to express the
"seemingly/apparently" meaning, with regards to "where the a/c came
from" ; not with regards to "its arrival".

But when I shoved the {-law'} on the {paw}, the "seemingly/apparently"
meaning  went on the {paw}. So the klingon sentence took the meaning :
"but the airconditioner (seemingly arrived = i.e. perhaps it didn't
arrive) from ferenginar)"

So, the question arises : How could I have expressed the original meaning ?

I can't place the {-law'} on a noun, so my next thought would be :
"why don't I use an adverb".

But even if I wrote {chaq verenganarvo' naDev paw (Hat SeHmeH
janwIj)}, then again there would be a problem. Since the adverb refers
to the verb, then again the meaning would be "perhaps it arrived'. So
dead end again.

Of course I could employ the time honored approach, of splitting the
meaning into two sentences. But I don't like that ; the goal should be
to recreate in writing, the natural flowing sound, of the spoken
language. So, whatever is to happen, must  happen in a single

All these, were causing me a headache, until finally.. I came up with
the solution.

I can take a sentence, and within that sentence, create another
sentence which will modify the original sentence, enclose it in
dashes, and thus kill two birds with one stone.

So, I could write :

{naDev - chaq verenganarvo' -  paw (Hat SeHmeH janwIj)}

Now, I know that many -perhaps because the disagree- could say : "even
the dashes enclosed sentence, still refers/modifies the verb". But I

When one talks to another, speaks a sentence, and temporarily lowers
the tone of his voice, in order to add something, then the *feeling*
is that the -lowered voice sentence- is something else ; related to
the original sentence but at the same time having an entity of its

so.. Qapla' ! problem solved !

mIv mop je Hurgh qunnoq

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