[tlhIngan-Hol] A question on {ngIq}

mayqel qunenoS mihkoun at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 05:45:21 PDT 2016

Recently I run into the spatial anomaly of {ngIq} ; so, I am sending
this distress call, in order to overcome this difficulty. Any help
from warbirds nearby, will be greatly appreciated.

First of all let me write the definition :

{ngIq} a single one, each one

According to qep'a' 2011 : This noun indicates that (1) a single thing
is being considered apart from others, or (2) that a sequence of
identical things is considered one after another.

My question is this :

How do we actually use the {ngIq}, in order to achieve the (1), or (2) meaning ?

For example in {Hoch}, we have various possibilities, depending on
whether the noun which follows is singular or plural. But what's the
case with {ngIq} ?

If I write :

ngIq mu'tlhegh vIghItlhta'.
this means "I wrote a single sentence" right ?

but if I wanted to write :

"We destroyed his birds of prey one by one", then what would I do ?

perhaps :

ngIq toQDujmeyDaj DIQaw'ta' ?
ngIq toQDujmeyDaj wIQaw'ta' ?

or maybe something else ?

Can someone shed some light on this ?


qunnoq HoD

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