[tlhIngan-Hol] Personal Preferences and use of {HIja'} or {HISlaH}

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Thu Jun 2 11:46:03 PDT 2016

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> > the longer a klingon sentence is, the happier I get !
> That sounds like those people who prefer {HISlaH} over {HIja'} simply
because they enjoy knowing another word (since HIja' can also mean "tell

Just curious regards other's use of {HISlaH} and {HIja'}.  I know there's no
difference and correct me if I'm wrong but personally I like {HIja'} and
especially with the glottal stop cutting off it's short and sweet well
befitting  any enthusiastic yes as opposed to a {HISlaH} which I personally
prefer for  a reluctant yes  like I'm saying yes but swearing under my
breath as I do so ;-)

Do other people just use the one they prefer, randomly use either or some
other personal rule of thumb?

aka Jonathan Brown

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