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> Klingon Word of the Day for Sunday, July 17, 2016
> Klingon word: Do
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: velocity

AFAIK never used in a sentence.

Do Qe'  		*Dok'e* (i.e. a fast food joint) (n)
gho'Do 		sublight (speed) (n)
qughDo 		cruising speed (n)
qam Do Duj 	bicycle (n) TNK

moD 			hurry (v)
chung 		accelerate (v)

nom 			fast, quickly (adv)
QIt 			slowly (adv)
tugh 			soon (adv)

tugh 			Hurry! (excl)

(KGT 102f):  Some restaurants post a sign reading {moD Soj} ("the food hurries"). This means that the restaurant, sometimes called a {Do Qe'} ("velocity restaurant"), caters to those who have a limited amount of time to eat before returning to their various duties. In such an establishment, the menu is limited and changes quite infrequently. Orders are given and taken quickly, and lingering is uncommon. Each dish is prepared and served in one way and one way only, so it is inappropriate, for example, to say whether sauce is desired. The person taking the order is, in this case, called not a {jabwI'} (server) but, instead, a {tebwI'} (filler), presumably because he or she fills a platter ({'elpI'}) with the requested food. Customers, even those who have never been in the establishment before, are assumed to be familiar with all details of the fare and procedures. It is not uncommon for a {tebwI'} to become a bit testy (a subtle change in temperament, to be sure) if a customer hesitates or asks questions while giving an order. Other customers will probably show their annoyance as well. A regular patron of a {Do Qe'} tends to order the same dishes on each visit.

(KGT 110):  {qul DIr yISop!} "Eat the fire skin!"
["This phrase means Hurry up! Move quickly!"] 

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