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So far as we know, {chIp} only applies to hair cutting, at least when
speaking literally, since that's what TKD says. There are not a lot of
examples, as there are for {pe'}, and examples to me are more useful than
glosses, disambiguated or otherwise. And those are not the only types of
cutting, because there are also {DuQ} and {SIj}, and {chev}, {wav}, and
even {chop} could conceivably be used to describe cutting, and probably a
few other words as well.

latlh DochvaD mu' chIp Dalo'chugh, bISorHa'. much qonlu'DI' 'a lablu'pa',
chaq ngajmoH muchwI'qoq.

In my haste, I mistakenly wrote muchwI'qoq, not chIpwI'qoq as intended.
SuStel's example of {much} as something one presumably could not {chIp}
made me think of editing. And if Klingons who produce recorded
entertainment refer metaphorically to an editor as {chIpwI'}, they might
also use {jIb} as slang for the recorded material. (All of this is nothing
but bemused speculation, in case anyone thought I was making a
pronouncement about what Klingons would do.)

mIp'av yergho
IKAV chuch 'etlh
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