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I think everyone has expressed their beliefs well and it is unlikely that anyone is going to be convinced to change their beliefs without clarification from Okrand/Maltz.  Please feel free to go on expressing your opinions, I'm not trying to shut down the discussion.  I just wanted to take a moment to give everyone a pause to take stock of where the discussion currently stands.


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jatlh SuStel:

And what is the difference between cutting one's hair and, say, cutting a rope? Cutting a banana? Cutting a presentation? Can you chIp a much?

Sorlu'taHvIS, much chIplaHbe' vay' 'ej pe'laHbe'. much vanlaH vay' qoj ghanglaH.

Sorry, but when Okrand says hair, he means hair. When Okrand says percussion instrument, he means percussion instrument. When you slap your knees rhythmically, your knees ARE a percussion instrument. When you trim the lawn, the lawn is NOT hair. If Okrand had meant "(e.g., hair)" he would have written "(e.g., hair)."

At least until Maltz says otherwise.

jIQochbe'. latlh DochvaD mu' chIp Dalo'chugh, bISorHa'. much qonlu'DI' 'a lablu'pa', chaq ngajmoH muchwI'qoq.

mIp'av yergho
IKAV chuch 'etlh

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