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> On 12 July 2016 at 14:26, Lawrence M. Schoen <klingonguy at gmail.com> wrote:
>> In China there is an organization that, among its other goals, promotes
>> science fiction. They're the Future Affairs Commission (FFA) and I have
>> encountered them through my work as a SF/F novelist.
>> Recently, they ran an interview (in Chinese) they did with me, which
>> included questions sent in by a Chinese Klingon speaker. Certainly one of
>> the strangest interviews I've done.
> Where can we hear this interview?
> Did you speak Chinese, or did you have an interpreter? Did this "Chinese
> Klingon speaker" write their questions in Klingon or Chinese?

The interview was conducted via email and in two parts.

The first part was a series of questions in Klingon, composed by a Chinese
speaker of Klingon.

The second part was in English, as were my replies, and this was then used
to write an article in Chinese.

Here's a link to the results: http://bit.ly/29ElXka

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