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Wed Jul 27 10:42:41 PDT 2016

qaStaHvIS noH'a' cha'DIch, DoyIchlan lujeymeH boqwI' tlhoy ghaqta
'elaDya'. 'e' luSovbe' nuv law' vabDot 'elaDya'ngan. 'a ngoDvam tobbej
qun.. 'ej meqvammo', 'elaDya'ngan jIHmo' jIHemqu'.

During the second world war, greece contributed decisively in order to
defeat the germans ; however many people including greeks don't know

vIt wIqawmeH, mu'mey veb wIlaDjaj..
so let us refresh our memory..

Adolf Hitler :
qun vInaQmoHmeH, jI'olnIS : nuqaD ghol law', qajunpaQ'a' lu'aghta'
'elaDya'ngan neH 'ej Hegh luqImHa'chu' 'elaDya'ngan neH. (Reichstag
SoQ, jar vagh jaj loS, tera' DIS wa'-Hut-loS-wa')
For the sake of historical truth I must verify that only the Greeks,
of all the adversaries who confronted us, fought with bold courage and
highest disregard of death..  (from speech he delivered to Reichstag
on 4 May 1941)

Winston Churchill :
qaStaHvIS pa'logh, majatlhta' : SuvtaHvIS Subpu' rur 'elaDya'nganpu'.
'a DaH majatlhnIS : SuvtaHvIS 'elaDya'nganpu' rur Subpu'. (BBC SoQ,
taghDI' 'elaDya'-'Italya' noH)
Until now we used to say that the Greeks fight like heroes. Now we
shall say: The heroes fight like Greeks. (From a speech he delivered
from the BBC in the first days of the Greco-Italian war)

Winston Churchill :
'elaDya'nganpu' Suvchu'meH laH DellaHbe' mu' qajupaQ ; Hoch Sepmey
yayna' qaSmoH laHvam ; tlhab Human nur je quvmoHbogh yay.
'elaDya'nganpu' qajunpaQ tu'lu'be'chugh vaj bejbe'law' noH'a'
bertlham. (tuqjIjQa' qum vaS'a', jar loS jaj cha'maH loS, tera' DIS
The word heroism I am afraid does not render the least of those acts
of self-sacrifice of the Greeks, which were the defining factor in the
victorious outcome of the common struggle of the nations, during WWII,
for the human freedom and dignity. If it were not for the bravery of
the Greeks and their courage, the outcome of WWII would be
undetermined. (Paraphrased from one of his speeches to the British
Parliament on 24 April 1941)

Joseph Vissarionovich Tzougasvili Stalin :
jIqanchoHmo' 'ej tugh jIHegh, 'elaDya'nganpu' vItlho'laHbe' ;
'omta'mo' 'elaDya'nganpu', yayna' wIchavta'. 'ej 'elaDya'nganpu'
vItlho'laHbe'mo', jI'IQ. (SoQ 'ay', moscow wab HevwI', jar wa' jaj
wejmaH wa', tera' DIS wa'-Hut-loS-wej, qaSDI' stalingrad yay 'ej
jeghpu' paulus Sa')
I am sorry because I am getting old and I shall not live long to thank
the Greek People, whose resistance decided WWII. (From a speech of his
broadcast by the Moscow radio station on 31 January 1943 after the
victory of Stalingrad and the capitulation of marshal Paulus)

Charles de Gaul :
tlho'wIj vIDellaHbe' ; 'elaDya'nganpu' DevwI'chaj je qajunpaQ bopbogh
tlho'. (vIraS qum vaS'a' SoQ, vanDI' noH'a' cha'DIch)
I am unable to give the proper breadth of gratitude I feel for the
heroic resistance of the People and the leaders of Greece. (from a
speech of his to the French Parliament after the end of WWII)

Moscow, Radio Station to Greece :
nuHmey boghajbe'pu' 'a SuQappu' ; tInwI' boSuvnISbogh machwI' tlhIH,
'a maHub'eghmeH poH bonobta'. raSya'nganpu' maHmo' 'ej Humanpu'
maHmo', retlho'. (raSya' HIvDI' hitler)
You fought unarmed and won, small against big. We owe you gratitude,
because you gave us time to defend ourselves. As Russians and as
people we thank you. (When Hitler attacked the U.S.S.R.)

mop qIj

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