[tlhIngan Hol] Why I always say thanks

mayqel qunenoS mihkoun at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 00:56:10 PDT 2016

chaq taQ.. reH jIjatlh, qatlho'
perhaps it is weird.. I always say thank you.

'ej taQmo' chaq ghel'egh 'op nuv :
and because it is weird, perhaps many people will be asking themselves :

qatlh reH mu'vam jatlh ?
why does he always say these words ?

a' wanI'vam QIjbogh jangmeH mu'tlhegh'e' tu'lu'..
however there is an answer which explains this..

puq jIHDI', jIHvaD pIj Su'ghar qutmey Soj lunobta' 'op nuv.
when I was a child, people were giving me candy.

'ej lunobta'DI', reH SIbI' mujatlhta' vavwI' SoSwI' je :
and as soon as they gave it, always, immediately, my parents would tell me :

mayqeloy, DaH nuq DajatlhnIS ?
little michael, what do you need to say now ?

'ej ghIq jIjatlhta', qatlho'
so then I said, thank you.

qaSpu' DIS law', 'ej jInenpu'.
since then many years passed, and I grew up.

'a reH qatlho' vIjatlhmeH mughunta'mo' vavwI' SoSwI' je..
but because my parents programmed me, to always say thank you..

mu'meyvam vIjatlhbe'chugh vaj jIjor !
if I don't say these words, then I will explode !

mop Hurgh

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