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> Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, December 24, 2016
> Klingon word: 'aplo'
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: container, box
> Source: untranslated in TalkNow-CD, suggestion for a 
>         translation by SuStel, 2 November 2011

  wab qoSta' 'aplo' 
  cassette, audiocassette (TNK)

  'ul 'aplo'mey 
  batteries (TNK)

  ngaS 'aplo'
  Contents: ...   MKE
 (lit. "the {'aplo' contains") 

(MO, HQ 8.3):  The word for top is {yor}. This refers to the top side or top face of an object, such as the top of a box or the top of a table or even the top of one's head. It is not the word used for lid or cover or cap (as in lid of a jar) or removable (and reusable) top of a box. The word for this kind of top or lid or cover is {yuvtlhe'}. The word for bottom, the counterpart of {yor}, is {pIrmuS}. This word refers to the underside of something, not the interior bottom (such as the bottom of a well or the bottom of a bowl where a few drops of milk remain after eating cereal). The word for the interior bottom of something is {bIS'ub}. If an item is located in the bottom of a box, it is located in the box's {bIS'ub}. If something is found underneath a box, it is found beneath the box's {pIrmuS}.

During the Kot'baval Festival being celebrated at the Maranga IV outpost, Alexander wanted some money from his father to give to a man who offered to show him Molor's head in a box for 50 darseks. (TNG "Firstborn")

Worf may have used a {qutluch} when he attempted suicide after being driven to despair by lack of REM sleep while the Enterprise-D was caught in a Tyken's Rift: he removed a slightly curved knife with a serrated edge and a prong tip from a padded box, then poured a special liquid over the tip in an apparent ritual before raising the knife to plunge into his chest. (TNG "Night Terrors")

The Klingon Judiciary placed a bounty of 9000 *darseks* for the capture of escaped convict Jonathan Archer, dead or alive, in 2153, which was considered "a fortune" by the Tellarite bounty hunter Skalaar. These appeared to be metal (latinum?) bars, app. 1 x 3 inches in size, and were transported in a box. (ENT "Bounty")

If by {lat} "shrine" Okrand means the portable box containing an statuette of Kahless, then we've seen one from time to time in Worf's quarters on TNG. There's a close-up photo on TKW p.210.

ngaSwI' 		container
bal 			jug, jar, bottle
qegh 			vat, barrel
'Ib 			tub
buq 			pouch, bag, sack

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