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> SuStel:
> > HIja'.
> so, in the sentence:
> reH bo'Degh Sopbogh vIghro''e' legh Human.
> how do we distinguish, where the adverb actually is referring to ?
In speech I'd probably pause briefly in different places depending on which
verb the adverbial applied to:

"reH bo'Degh Sopbogh vIghro''e'... legh Human." to emphasize that it's
applied to the relative clause, and
"reH... bo'Degh Sopbogh vIghro''e' legh Human." to emphasize that it's
applied to the main verb.

(Would other Klingonists interpret spoken Klingon in this way?)

In written text, if context doesn't make it obvious, and if the ambiguity
could potentially be confusing or hazardous, I'd just rephrase it as two

{reH bo'Degh Sop vIghro'. vIghro'vetlh legh Human.} vs {bo'Degh Sop
vIghro'. reH vIghro'vetlh legh Human.}
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