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On 12/13/2016 1:39 PM, Lieven wrote:
> Am 13.12.2016 um 17:16 schrieb SuStel:>> I think TKD is very clear on 
> that:
>> Since Okrand has obviously violated the only*-qu'* rule many times, it
> please, examples.

Qu'vatlh!!!! Do I have to do this AGAIN?! I JUST posted examples last week.

Here are the *&@@#$% initial examples of each suffix. I will not locate 
additional examples.

*Dujmey tInqu'*/very big ships/ (TKD)
*wa'maH yIHmey lI'be'*/ten useless tribbles/ (PK)
*Duj ngaDHa'*/unstable vessel/ (KGT)

>> So you wouldn't allow words like *Quchlaw'*/he seems to be happy/ or
>> *tujbej*/it is definitely hot/? Of course you would, yet these are no
>> more "actions" than the verbs in *tlhIngan Quch* /happy Klingon /and
>> *QuQ tuj*/hot engine./
> I disagree.
> {Quchlaw' loD} is a phrase/sentence "Verb+Subject". The "action" is 
> being happy. What is he doing? He is being happy.
> {loD Quchlaw'} is not a phrase/sentence that can stand alone. There is 
> no "action" in the sense of something happening. It's a noun plus a 
> descriptive word.

The difference is between a sentence and an adjective, not between an 
action and a description. Besides, the explanation of type 6 suffixes 
doesn't say anything about ACTIONS being qualified, OR sentences; it 
simply says "these suffixes show how sure the speaker is about what is 
being said." An adjectival verb is something being said; qualifying it 
with a type 6 suffix meets that criterion. The only question is whether 
it's allowed at all due to the original restriction placed on adjectival 
verbs, which Okrand has occaionally chipped away at, but only VERY slightly.

>> **Duj tInlaw'* means a ship that is apparently big; *DujHey tIn* means a
>> big thing that might be a ship. Not the same thing.
> This is your interpretation here. At this point, nobody knows what it 
> really "means".
> It was you who taught me not to assume that things may mean something 
> just because you think that's what they mean before having canon rules 
> about them.

Thank you, I was making that point at YOU.


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