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TKD 43:  This suffix [{-vIS}] is always used along with the Type 7 suffix {-taH} “continuous".

Just consider it one of Okrand’s “just because” rules.  We could argue the whys and wherefores to death – and we often do! – but, in the end, we just have to accept it and move on.

In fact, I could only find only one example of {-vIS} and {-lI’} even occurring in the same sentence, albeit on different verbs:

  ghobe' !  qarbejbogh DoDvam qontaH 'u'
  jevqu'taHvIS muD ral, bejlI' parmaq.

  Oh, no !  It [love] is an ever-fixed mark.
  That looks on tempests and is never shaken. (Sonnet 116)


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I can't understand why the {-lIvIS} is illegal. Can't I be doing something, while something is proceeding towards a known goal or stopping point ?
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