[tlhIngan Hol] then/now and law'/puS

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Antony Appleyard:
> {ngugh QupghachwIj law' DaH QupghachwIj
> puS} ?

At first glance it would seem ok, but someone who would want to apply the
rules strictly would probably say:

"the place of the {QupghachwIj} needs to be occupied by verbs of quality,
not nouns"

And if you answered by quoting the {'ul law'} canon example, he would say
that even by this standart, we don't have here a valid sentence but
something like:

"then my being young greater, now lesser"

However I'm not one of those people who enjoy applying the rules strictly,
thus constantly inventing ways of tying our hands, while saying "o how
perfect klingon is".

Personally, I'm a fan of our good captain..

ghogh HablI'wIjvo' vIngeHta'

On 28 Aug 2016 1:19 a.m., "Anthony Appleyard" <a.appleyard at btinternet.com>

> {ngugh QupghachwIj law' DaH QupghachwIj puS} ?
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> > You want to say "At that time, I was younger than I am now", right?
> HIja'.
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