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On 8/22/2016 11:52 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> lieven:
>> If you think "because it happened in the past", then drop it.
> good point. but the question now arises: usually the things which have
> happened in the past, haven't been completed as well ?

You're not building sentences based on logical truths; you're building 
context. Something may have been completed in the past, but are you 
TALKING about it being completed?

For instance, *wa'Hu' pItSa' vISop*/yesterday, I ate pizza. /It says 
that pizza-eating happened yesterday, but in that sentence pizza-eating 
was NOT completed. It is a statement of general truth. General truths 
are not completed; the FACT of my eating pizza was not completed. 
Pizza-eating happened yesterday.

But then there's *wa'Hu' pItSa' vISoppu'*/yesterday, I ate pizza./ 
English makes no distinction, but it means something different in 
Klingon. Yesterday there was pizza-eating, and I'm telling you that I 
ate and finished eating it. This is not a general truth; this is 
describing a specific event. Yesterday, pizza-eating happened and completed.

The former version might be an answer to the question *wa'Hu' nuq DaSop 
*/what did you eat yesterday?/ The latter to the question *wa'Hu' nuq 
Data'pu'*/what did you do yesterday?/


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