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> Klingon Word of the Day for Friday, August 12, 2016
> Klingon word: Dargh
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: tea

Dargh vIqem je 
I'll bring tea also. CK

vaj Dargh wIb DatlhutlhnIS.  Hoch vor Dargh wIb.
Then you need to drink sour tea. Sour tea cures everything. CK

Dargh DaneH'a' 
Spot of tea? RTb

SuD Dargh 'ej wov 
SuDbogh Dargh 'ej wovbogh 
The tea is {SuD} and light. KGT

Dargh vItlhutlhDI' mutlhej torgh matlh je 
I drink tea with Torg and Maltz. 
("When I drink tea, Torg and Maltz accompany me.") (HQ 2.4)

Dargh vItlhutlh. mutlhej torgh matlh je 
I drink tea with Torg and Maltz. 
("I drink tea. Torg and Maltz accompany me.") (HQ 2.4)

Dargh vItlhutlh 'ej mutlhej torgh matlh je 
I drink tea with Torg and Maltz. 
("I drink tea, and Torg and Maltz accompany me.") (HQ 2.4)
(KGT 96-97):  Tea ({Dargh}) is another common Klingon beverage. There are many types of tea, some based on vegetable matter, some on animal. The word {Dargh} refers to the beverage only. If plants or animal parts are dried and, if necessary, chopped up before being steeped in boiling water to produce {Dargh}, this preparation is called {Qenvob}. Often, however, there is no {Qenvob}; the tea is made by simply picking thorns, leaves, petals, or seeds off of a plant and immediately immersing them in the water. Usually brackish water ({bIQ na'}) is best. Tea may be made either in a teapot ({runpI'}) or directly in the teacup ({Dargh HIvje'}, or, if not a cup specifically designed for drinking tea, just {HIvje'}). 
  Though one may drink tea at any time, Klingons observe a very solemn Tea Ceremony in which a tea that is somewhat toxic (for a Klingon--but quite deadly for humans) is both prepared and consumed according to certain ritualistic procedures. During the Tea Ceremony, two friends drink the tea partly as a test of bravery and partly as a reminder of the Klingon maxim that "death is an experience best shared". 

(KGT 99):  Some drinks are served in special containers, such as the {runpI'} (teapot) used in the making of {Dargh} (tea), and are then poured [{qang}] into the appropriate {HIvje'}.

(KGT 42):  Similarly, the common word for "teacup" is {Dargh HIvje'} (literally, "tea drinking vessel"). Among the upper classes, the word {tu'lum} is used with some frequency, though, strictly speaking, this archaic word used to mean only a cup made of metal... Among the lower classes-except for those working as servants for the higher classes-words like... {tu'lum} are known but seldom used...

(TKW 73):  One of the purposes of the Klingon Tea Ceremony, in which two friends share poisoned tea as a test of bravery, is to remind one of this truism. The ceremony, which is usually observed in periods of relative calm, between wars, probably came about as a way to reinforce and celebrate certain beliefs about warfare so central to Klingon culture. The ceremony symbolically acknowledges the dignity of death in battle, and it also pays tribute to warriors who battle alongside one another. 


bIQ		water n)
'uma		petal (n)
Por		leaf (n)
raS'IS  	seed (n)
pugh 		dregs (n)

pul		be ground up (v)
pub		boil (v)
vut 		prepare food/beverage (v)
rogh 		ferment (v)

Aside from {naHjej} "thistle" there's no known word for thorn AFAIK, but I've seen {DuQwI'Hom} and *{tI jej} used.

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