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> Klingon Word of the Day for Wednesday, August 10, 2016
> Klingon word: tlhuH
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: breath

AFAIK no examples used in canon.

tlhuH  	breathe (v)

(HQ 12.4:8):  Air, for example, comes into and out of the nose or mouth. The word for breath is {tlhuH}, and that for breathe is also {tlhuH}. To breathe in, or inhale, is {pur}; to breathe out, or exhale, is {rech}. To breathe noisily, or wheeze, is {jev} ... To breathe even more noisily, or snore, is {wuD}. 

(qep'a' 2016):  [Maltz] said that this [{lay}] is some sort of technical term. It would be odd to say {lay vItlhuH} for "I breathe air", but it would be understood.

  I breathe. KGT

  Suvbe'chugh SuvwI' tlhuHbe' SuvwI' 
  If a warrior does not fight, he does not breathe. TKW

tlhuH  	be exhilarated, stimulated, invigorated (slang) (v) 

(KGT 165):  Literally meaning "breathe", this word is used in such expressions as {jItlhuH} ("I am exhilarated, it's exhilarating to me"; literally, "I breathe"). Perhaps a near equivalent in standard Klingon is {Sey} (be excited).

lay  		air (technical term) (n)
rewve' 	air (everyday word) (n)
muD 		atmosphere (n)
SuS 		wind (n)
SIp 		gas (n)
tlhIch  	smoke (n)

Hob 		yawn (v)
ruq 		belch (v)
tlhov 	wheeze (v)
chuy 		sneeze (v)
largh 	smell, sense odors (v)

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