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>     Outside of everyday usage, English uses /ice/ to refer to any
>     substance that is normally thought of as non-solid when it has
>     been made solid. We use /ice/ instead of some other word because
>     water is the most common substance that we regularly see become
>     solid; we just apply that word to other substances.
> English speakers use it, incorrectly, that way. It's a slang, albeit 
> very common slang. You may use that slang, but some people try to 
> avoid it.

Scientists use it this way. For example, ammonia ice 

Many dictionaries 
<http://www.dictionary.com/browse/ice?r=75&src=ref&ch=dic> give both 

> When you have watched someone pick up a chunk of "dry ice" and try to 
> eat it,  thinking it's normal ice, you quickly learn not to use "ice" 
> outside of the water kind.

/Dry ice/ is another example of using /ice/ to refer to something other 
than solid water.


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