[tlhIngan Hol] Am I right here?

Ed Bailey bellerophon.modeler at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 09:59:01 PDT 2016

loghaD QaghHom Damughpu'. <vISovbe'> jatlh 'e' Hech.
'ach chay' <jIHtaHbogh naDev> mughlu' 'e' vISIv. DaH loQ jImISHa'choH.

On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 11:53 AM, Anthony Appleyard <
a.appleyard at btinternet.com> wrote:

> translating "jIHtaHbogh naDev vISovbogh":-

> {naDev vISovbogh} = "I who know and am here", if the subject is the
> antecedent of "bogh"
> {naDev vISovbogh} = "the place called "here" which I know", if naDev can
> be treated as a noun and thus as the object of the verb
> "jIHtaHbogh naDev vISovbogh" looks like siamese-twin clauses sharing the
> "naDev" (here used as a noun): "the place which I am at, is a place which I
> know".
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