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Tue Aug 23 03:12:35 PDT 2016

ghItlhpu' qunnoq, jatlh:

> How is someone supposed to use regional words ?

> He just throws them in the passage, and hopes that the reader will

> figure out they are regional ?

HIja'. ghaw' yIDaQo'! ;)

In seriousness, it's no different to an American calling someone a jerk instead of a fool, a Brit talking about watching a football match instead of a soccer game, an Australian talking about chucking a uey to duck into the bottlo for a box of goon. All language is contextual and it simply is a matter of asking, will it be understood in the way you want it to when you use it? If the answer is "probably yes", then go for it - remembering, of course, that the standard is ta' Hol and if you use another dialect, you do run the risk of not being understood as easily.

The one problem is that we don't know very much canonically about any one dialect other than ta' Hol. Except for Morskan or one of the nasalising dialects (Krotmag or Tak'ev) where the difference is clear from regular phonological changes, it's often really hard to tell exactly which regional form is being used unless a specific dialect form that we do know about pops up, like {ngep'oS} or a word being used in an otherwise bizarre context, like {ghaw'}.

'a hISla, bIjatstavIS lats Sep hol ghlach mu'mey yIlo'vIpHo' Danechugh!

HeS 'uts

(QeS 'utlh)
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