[tlhIngan Hol] {SorHa'} ? Of course.. But with jay' what ?

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Fri Aug 19 06:30:10 PDT 2016

mayqel qunenoS:
> So, we have the word {SorHa'}, meaning "to speak metaphorically".
>  <...>
> But then, how is someone supposed to speak metaphorically ? 

Two good metaphors come from Spock's intentionally confusing statement to the android Norman (TOS "I, Mudd"):  "Logic is a little bird tweeting in a meadow.
Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers that smells bad."

{Sor} "speak literally" and {SorHa'} "speak metaphorically" may themselves be metaphors:

(Qov, 7/29/2013):  [Okrand] appears to agree that [{SorHa'}] implies {Sor} means "speak literally", and that this is connected to the expression {lugh; Sor rur} ["correct as a tree"]. 

As an added bonus, {Sor} is also a pun:

(qurgh, 5/16/2016):  I can tell you the pun ({Sor}) is one Okrand really likes, and it's not on the word "sure". I can't give any more, as I've been literally sworn to secrecy. 

I think qunnoq himself figured it out right after qurgh's clue:

{Sor} -> shore -> littoral -> literal -> speak literally? 

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