[tlhIngan Hol] When better is missing go with preferable

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> On 8/18/2016 2:36 PM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> what is the exact opposite of {qaq} ? is there one in klingon ?
{muS}, {par}, {qaqbe'}?

English doesn't appear to have any kind of true antonym for "prefer"

> *qaqHa'*

{qaqHa'} doesn't work for me as an exact opposite, since {-Ha'} means that
the {qaq}ing was undone or misdone (so I used to {qaq} it but don't
anymore, or I said I {qaq} something mistakenly when I didn't really {qaq}

TKD: "This negative suffix implies not merely that something is not done
(as does -be'), but that there is a change of state: something that was
previously done is now undone. For convenience, it will here be translated
as undo, but it is closer to the English prefixes mis-, de-, dis- (as in
misunderstand, demystify, disentangle). It is also used if something is
done wrongly."

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