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> The clarification is there to separate the visual experience from the event/time period.
> jajlo' = dawn (the time period)
> jajlo' chum = sunrise (the visual experience)
> tlhom = dusk (the time period)
> tlhom chum = sunset (the visual experience)

maj. however this raises two questions :

wa': if we are on a planet which has no atmosphere (which I think
causes the sunrise/sunset to be colorful), then these words have no
application right ?

cha': read this sentence:
{qaStaHvIS tlhom chum dog vIqotlhtaH}
while the colorful sunset is happening I am tickling the dog.

would you accept it ? It talks of a visual experience, however it
suggests a time period as well. so what do you think ?


On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 4:48 PM, Steven Boozer <sboozer at uchicago.edu> wrote:
> Anthony Appleyard wrote:
>>> What does this word "chum" mean as a word by itself?
> ghunchu'wI':
>> {chum} is a verb meaning "be colorful".
> [That's my cue...]
> nguv            be dyed, be stained, be tinted (v)
> nguvmoH         dye, stain, tint (v)
> DIj             use/paint with a pigment stick (v)
> ngoH            smear, paint using fingers (v)
> rItlh   pigment, paint, dye (n)
> (KGT 81-82):  Compared to Federation Standard, Klingon terminology associated with colors is rather limited. First of all, there is no noun meaning color. There is, however, a verb, {nguv}, which means something like "be dyed, stained, tinted", though it is seldom used except in the phrase {chay' nguv} ("How is [it] tinted?") or when suffixed with {-moH} ("cause") in the form {nguvmoH} ("dye, tint, stain"; that is, "cause to be dyed," etc.) - for example, {ret'aq nguvmoH} ("He/she stains the knife handle").
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