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Hmm… “unboiled/de-boiled/mis-boiled nitrogen”.  Another option is *{voQSIp jeD} “thick/dense/viscous nitrogen” in parallel to {bIQSIp 'ugh} “deuterium” (lit. "heavy hydrogen").

Other qualities to consider in this discussion include {yIQ} “be wet”, {Sub} “be solid, {taD} “be frozen”, {bIr} “be cold”, {tuj} “be hot” and {ghun} “be warm”.

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{rugh bIQSIp} is also consistent with "N2 composed of N1," since it's hydrogen made from different subatomic particles, not hydrogen that has been somehow converted.

An alternative way of saying liquid nitrogen, liquefied that is, like for industrial use, might be {pubHa'bogh voQSIp}.

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