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Fri Aug 5 06:52:18 PDT 2016

wa' DoS wIqIp SuStel jIH je. The genitive is not restricted to possession or ownership.

My first instinct with "liquid nitrogen" is to render it as {voQSIp betgham} "nitrogen liquid", following the general TKD rendition as "N2 of the N1" (p.31): that is, "liquid of [the] nitrogen". Similarly things like {no'negh SIp} "sulphur gas", {ngIDvoS betgham} "molten lead" (though naturally {ngIDvoS tetlu'pu'bogh} is more literal). Perhaps I'm being influenced by English, where "water ice" is used to speak of frozen water as opposed to frozen methane, carbon dioxide, or so forth, particularly in reports of planetary exploration and such. But {bIQ chuch} feels natural to me for this meaning in Klingon too, and certainly {chuch bIQ} feels entirely wrong.

QeS 'utlh
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