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jISovbe’.  Here’s what I have about blood and wine (at least as Okrand understands it) in my notes:

(KGT 95):  Domestic {HIq} is distilled from a number of different kinds of grain ({tIr}), with some additional constituents (of both plant and animal origin, including {'Iw}, blood) adding flavor and strength. {'Iw HIq} (bloodwine) is served warm to hot (best is {porgh Hat} – “body temperature”, though it is not clear whose body) and should be very dark red in color. […] Animal blood ({'Iw}) is found primarily in alcoholic beverages, but the milk ({nIm}) of some creatures (such as the {targh} [targ]) is combined with other ingredients to form drinks of rather complex flavor, though it is seldom consumed by itself.

For more information, you should ask a {‘Iw HIq pIn}, somebody who knows all about bloodwine (slang, KGT p. 158).

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not 'Iwghargh vISopqang 'ach 'Iw HIq vItlhutlhqangbej...

'a jISIv.. 'Iw HIqDaq, nuq Sar 'oH 'Iwvam'e' ? nuq Ha'DIbaH 'Iw 'oH 'Iwvam'e' ?

nach velwI' qIj
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