[tlhIngan Hol] I've had it with the finger verbs !

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> jIH:
> > Is the pinkie and the little toe the same ? Why
> > can't we have a jay' clear and unambiguous
> > numbering which could resolve this ?
> naHQun:
> > No, your fingers and toes are not the same
> > thing. Your fingers are on your hands while
> > your toes are on your feet.
> ?!?!? I already knew where each set of finger is. As I understand the
> english non-medical way of finger description, some people use the word
> "pinkie" to describe the little toe as well. thus the confusion..
The finger verbs are {Sen/rIl}, {SIq}, {qay}, {qew}, and {qan}, going from
thumb to little finger. The toe verbs are {mar}, {Hom}, {roS}, {nan}, and
{Qay'}, going from big toe to little toe.

> > The relationship words are very useful.
> I respect your opinion, but I don't agree. They are confusing and useless.
There are Earth languages that describe relatives the same or in similar
ways. They seem to manage just fine.
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